Story Of Losing My Virginity 2

Friday, 10 May 2013

Putting my weight over her . She had another big orgasm. My cock just made way in the mean while poking her ass . After some licking n kissing n loving her , I got down , she turned on her back . I asked her to give me the pleasure of sucking my tool . She was hesitant as she had never done it even with her husband but I insisted and she couldn’t resist coz of the love I was giving to her . She then went on her knees and sucked my tool , my pleasure was building up like never before , I moaned ohhhhhh!!!!! Banu aunty , tats awesome suck my cock , lick them up,
No one would call it a first time , she was so very good with it , I was holding her and out of curiosity made her gag a couple of times . After some 10 min I couldn’t resist n screamed …….. banu aunty !!i am cumming!!!.... i am cumming!! i am cumming and shot my entire cum in her mouth and few on her boobs n face. She then got up and went to clean her and came after 2 min after washing her face boobs n mouth . we wiped each other off all sweat as we were nearing our actual penetration soon . It was my turn to give her the pleasure of oral sex , she went down lying on her back and spread her legs calling me to enter her , but I wanted to make sure she was totally satisfied , I looked at the clock it was almost 12,
A hour and half had almost passed away since we began feasting each other in the ocean of lusty love !!!!!! , I went between her shining pussy , sniffed it to take in the aroma and  started to lick them slowly . She shivered vigorously as it was the first time a man is doing so much with her body , I had to hold her thighs farther with my hands so that she doesn’t make me suffocate , with loads of experience over watching thousands of porn movies n searching for techniques , I was hitting the right spots in her love hole and her love juices were over flowing which I drank with happiness,
I was sucking those beautiful rose petal cunt and at times biting them , she was moaning with all her voice and her voice shrilled in pleasure of my licks , she was squeezing her melons and shouting , “ ohhhhh myyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy sssssiiiiiimmmmmmmm , lllloovereeeeeeee boy eat me more , this is bitch is all ursssssssssss ahmmmmmmmmm mmmmmmmmmmmmm ummmmmmmmmmmm ahhhhhhhhh oh yeahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh , I increased her pleasures further by inserting one finger into her love hole and I started finger fucking her while thumbing her cunt lips , she panted heavily and gasped for breathe and came all the way for another shuddering orgasm right on my face.
I was catching hold of my breathe with her love juices filling me up , I kept fingering her all the way n goddddddddd , sheeeeeeeeeee wasssssssss glittering with sweat , her body I cannot explain in words how it looked . I proceeded to lick down her navel and her moaning continued and went up licking around her nipples , I chewed her delicious melons for few more min when she had another thundering orgasm , she tried to push my fingers away but I increased the number of fingers from two n slowly to three with her moans filling the room with even more sounds . I went to her face,
She licked clean of all her juices from my face and  we had a passionate kiss . I then removed my fingers and licked it and made her lick it . She was fully satisfied with love , now it was the last part of our first love making , the clock had already gone half past 12 . I got from bed , she was a bit exhausted with love she got . my cock was semi erect , I asked her to make it erect for our penetration , she was more than happy n jumped n removed my foreskin and licked it like a lolly pop. No sooner my cock was erect . I made her lie down n spread her legs wide holding her thighs apart and placed my tool right on her opening of vagina.
I rubbed it around her and teased her , she couldn’t hold it further , I tried to enter her opening but slipped 2 times as it was my first time and she laughed . Now she guided my tool into her opening , her hole was so tight as it has not been used for more than 2 years , with every inch of tool getting into her I could feel the warmth of her insides , her cunt engulfed almost half my size , she said my tool was thicker than her husbands and it was stretching her inners.
I pulled out a bit and forced my entire tool in one go . She cried in pain but soon we were in missionary position , I waited for her to signal me , tears were flowing , I asked if she was alright to which she pulled my head n we were passionately kissing each other , with that I slowly started moving to n fro , chewing her lips n getting down her neck , she then guided my face towards her melons , I kissed them with love with my tool giving her inners  more and more pleasure , she was biting her lips n saying “ tats how sim , come on darling make love to me , rip my cunt apart , its all for u ahhhmmmmmmm yeah chew my nipples bite them hard and eat me darling “  these sentences were making me even hornier and I increased the pace of my fucking,
One hand was holding her and another crushing her boobs , her moaning was making it even more better and it would have been 10 to 12 min I reached verge of explosion , I wanted to sustain more so I pulled my tool out oozing pre cum , she slapped me light and asked y I withdrew them n I said I wanted to try another position . She smiled and called me naughty boy ;) she then went on all fours , I spread her ass a bit and tried entering her hole from behind , it was well lubricated with hours of foreplay between us . I then pinched her nipples and fucked her in study pace . Soon she had one more orgasm for the night . then again we switched to cow girl position and reverse cow girl  position where she dominated me and fed me her boobs,
We were drenched in sweat and the moaning n screaming made the place a sexx temple . Atlast she made me cum taking all my hot liquid inside her . then we were exhausted and rolled out . When I saw the time it was 1 45 in the morning , both of us were satisfied , she had tears rolling down which I wiped , she hugged me tight n said ,” I never been loved so much before , I wanna give you all u want , fuck me all time long lover boy “ , I kissed her for taking my virginity . We soon dozed off , it was around 8 in the morning when I saw my love still nude and sleeping , I soon started licking her body meanwhile she woke up and we had another beautiful session in the morning . Then I called my office and said I was sick n I cannot be coming to office,
She was more than happy to hear it and pounced on me while we made out on the couch . We had several rounds of sex that day , in shower , in kitchen etc etc and roamed around the house nude all day . After those two awesome days of sex , I left her house and freshened and reminded of wat ever happened in the last 2 days. The next day I left to office and while returning back saw my room mate sana talking with the aunt n smiling at me strangely,
There begins another story of how I first took the virginity of one of the horny lesbo sana and then with her help the shy charu. Hope you liked my story , comments are most welcomed especially from all those horny women and enthu boys. After your comments and reacting I ll post the next story ….. waiting for your responses …….


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