Pooja Didi Is My Wife

Saturday, 11 May 2013

This story is my relationship with my didi Pooja. Pooja, my darling sister became my wife one day before she married. I hope my Pooja reads it like many of my horny sisters and my brother Imran also gets excited to fuck his sister.I can still remember the day I fucked my sister POOJA. Pooja has terrific body. She is 5 feet 5 inches tall, dark complexioned, huge 36D tits, lovely legs, rounder ass. I am Man, aged 18 5 feet 10 inches tall and a virgin.  She was getting married to my best friend Kiran Jain the next day and I was sad.
I would miss my sister after her marriage. Her marriage was to be held at our farmhouse and all family and relatives had gone there. Didi, I will miss you when you are gone. I will be lonely and sad without you and moreover who will cheer me up after you?
My sister smiled at me your girlfriends will keep you happy, I know. You are a handsome young man. They will love you but no girls make friends with me. I have no girlfriend, really! I said pathetically. Pooja didi smiled at me, Ok, then I can teach you to make girlfriends.
But for that we have to get out of the farmhouse. Yes I remember I have to buy some things from the city. You take me to super market and then we can spend some time alone at home. If you do as I tell you, I can take you on a trip to heaven but don’t tell a word about it to anyone.

I said ok and Pooja didi came back after telling mom that she was going out with me at the market she bought a shaving razor, shave cream and lotion. I did not understand why she bought these things and asked her Didi why are you buying these things?
You don’t shave like men, do you? She laughed Manu, you are so ignorant. That is why you do not have a girlfriend. Stupid, women also shave but not on the face, they shave under you won’t understand but I will show you. Let’s go home and I will show you how and where we shave"
My sister was 21 years old then and very beautiful. My friends admired her sexy figure, her ample breasts, her wide hips, swaying buttocks, pouting lips, long legs and creamy thighs. Pooja didi was a sex bomb and that is the reason my friend Kiran was mad for her.
I was marrying the next day and I bet all my friends wanted to bury their hard cocks in my didi's cunt but Kiran was the lucky guy to get my sister as his wife. Pooja was walking ahead of me when we were entering our house.
She wore a loose cotton pajama and a cotton shirt under which I could see her boobs bouncing up and down. I knew she wore no bra. When she bent to unlock the house, I felt like touching her buttocks but Kiran had the right to touch my sister.
Pooja went to the bathroom and opened the door. She lowered her pajama and revealed her naked pussy to me as she sat down on a stool. I was shocked to see her naked cunt which had small hairs on it. Manu, look at a real pussy.
Tomorrow I will belong to Kiran, your jijju but today I want to show you what a real woman looks like. You will have many girlfriends but today I am your girlfriend. I will let you do anything to me. My little brother has liberty to do any damn thing with his sister and see my pussy.
I will show how I shave my pussy. I don’t like hair on my cunt your friend Kiran may not like my hairy cunt. But his turn will start from tomorrow. Today I am shaving for my brother, my Manu bhaiya. Come bhaiya, cream my pussy, come on touch your sister's bush.
See how I have spread my legs for you to feel my cunt. I was so excited that I obeyed my Pooja didi like a robot. I bent to feel her flesh ooohhh Godddd it was soft and warm. I was touching a woman's naked cunt and that too of my sister.
I applied cream on the pussy triangle and rubbed it. Pooja didi held my head and moaned oohhhhh Manu, your hands feel so good and I love your fingers Bhai feel my pussy it is yours today!
Didi, my cock is getting hard. I am excited. It is my first time that I am seeing a naked pussy and touching it too. I said I will show you heaven bhai. After today you will never forget your Pooja didi.
I will be your first woman who will let you do anything with her body. She said sexily. I am so lucky to have you as my sister. Didi I have spread cream all over your pussy. What next?
Can you use the razor to remove my cunt hairs? But be gentle. I don’t want to cut my skin on my wedding night. Remove every hair darling. Make my pussy bald brother. Bald pussy will taste a lot better to you.
Oh yes sister? I think you are very hot. Let me shave my sister's cunt. Pooja didi, my cock is oozing cum. My sister spread her legs even wider for me to use the razor on the best female skin and I was sliding the razor on her pubic triangle.
She had a devilish grin on her face as she began to stoke my hard cock through my pants. Do that sister! I love it. I love when I touch your cunt and even more when you touch my cock and I said as I continued shaving my sister's snatch.
Soon I will make you a sisterfucker, behnchod, bhai! You will eat my pussy and fuck it too. Would you like that Bhaiya" She asked lifting her ass so that I could shave one or two hairs on her ass too make me bald on the ass too. I don’t want to have any hair down here my brother when I had shaved and washed her cunt
My Pooja didi said have you kissed a pussy? I will teach you how a pussy is eaten. Put your lips and tongue on my pussy. Your Pooja didi is opening her thighs for you Bhai, eat me, lick me, suck me brother! y sister put her arms around my neck and we began to kiss.
I could feel my balls swelling rapidly. My right hand went to her tits. I rolled my fingertips over her nipples. Pooja moaned bhai, eat my pussy, suck it, please! I obeyed by placing my hands under my sister's buttocks and placing my mouth on her bald pussy it tasted heavenly.

Mmmm, yes, like that and now, stick your tongue up my cunt-hole! Mmmmm, huh, uhhhh, good now lick my clit some more ow, you’re getting good at it Bhai don’t bite it just eat it no teeth Bhaiya you wouldn’t want me to use my teeth on your prick, would you? Just your lips and tongue bhaiya yeah!

I followed her instructions and started licking it. Pooja gasped and told me to suck her clit for her ooohhh, Manuuuuuuuuu! She moaned horny quivering all over you are great cunt licker! Do you want me to suck your cock? Let’s go into 69.
I must suck your cock. Take off your pants, show me your cock. I want to see my brother's cock Pooja didi also took off her T shirt revealing her 36 D tits. They were just suckable. Didi, let’s go to the bed room. It is uncomfortable here don’t you think so? Pooja nodded and as I removed my pants.
We brother and sister moved to her bedroom and my cock hard as a rock and my soon to be married sister swayed her buttocks making me even hornier. Once on her bed my sister threw herself on me and put her mouth on my stiff cock then, as I ate her pussy.
She sucked my prick and hr cunt was leaking juices on my face and she shrieked mmmm! Her pretty head bobbed beautifully over my cock while I ate her cunt. Pooja's pussy creamed wetly. Her cunt-juice tasted good.
I gripped her ass and fondled and caressed it as I drilled all of my tongue up into her horny pussy. My sister came and came,  and that made her suck my cock really nice. She fondled my hot balls and took all of my prick into her  mouth.
I could not last long and I was on the verge of coming and when I came, I  shot my load, she sucked harder and faster and drank every drop of my cum as I drank her cunt juices when we were side by side in her bed, I said I used to think  pussies smelled terrible! Yours smells sweet.
Didi do all pussies smell so good? Don’t talk brother. It is time to fuck your sister before her husband fucks her and I want my brother to fuck his sister before Kiran can fuck her. I want you to fuck me so that I can remember your cock forever.
I looked at my naked Pooja didi and my heart pounded. I was just as excited at the prospect of consummating my first fuck and incestuous relationship with my pretty and horny sister.

My throbbing cock was bouncing up and down wildly. The tip came very close to slapping on my belly. My swollen testicles were huge. It is better you fuck without wasting time bhaiya Pooja said hoarsely but be gentle with me, bhaiya Pooja didi said.
I placed my hands on Pooja didi’s shoulders and gently pushed her onto her back. We kissed once again and I loved to eat your pussy, but fucking my sister will be even more hot and I whispered in Pooja didi ’s ear and I kissed the front of her throat then.
I parted her legs and poked my cock at her pussy. She pushed her nipples towards my mouth and I knew she wanted her brother to suck her tits. I obeyed her wish and placed the tip of my tongue on her nipple. Pooja let out a grunt of pleasure.
She shivered and moaned out loud suck! suck my tits, manu bhaiya! She bellowed. Her head began to toss. She gyrated her hips in quick circles as I rolled my tongue over her tits. My mouth covered the buds of her tits with saliva. Pooja didi ran her fingers though my hair. I kept my tongue busy.
Harder brother! oh god! Feels so good! She cried enough sucking didi, let me taste your pussy now with my cock now. My sister smiled why not, bhaiya, I can see that my brother is ready to fuck his horny sister. This is my first fuck also.
I have let my lovers feel my tits and have sucked cocks but fucking is my first time. Perhaps I have kept my cherry for my loving brother. Ohhh bhaiya, fuck me enter your sister's cunt with your taboo cock ooohhhh bhaiya my cunt is on fire fuck me brother!
She was lying on her back, her legs spread for me invitingly. She reached down and placed my cock at her vaginal entrance. I rubbed my cockhead on her puffy cunt and she moaned. Bhenchod Manu (sisterfucker), enter me put your cock in. Fuck your sister. Fuck me Raja!
I pushed my ass forward, sliding my cock into my sister's virgin cunt. Cunt juice made it easy for my cock to enter the pussy slowly, inch by inch. Pooja didi had not lied to me. She was taking me to heaven. My cock was throbbing within her silky cunt.
Pooja, my darling, I will fuck you good. I will fuck you hard and deep. I promise you won’t walk right for a week! I said to my sister as I felt her cunt tighten round my dick mmmmm, good my brother. Put your fat cock all the way in my horny cunt!
She groaned, squeezing her fingers into my back. I hammered my cock into Pooja's cunt, withdrew and slammed it back in. I was fucking my sister like a slut. Take it, whore and I said, grabbing her ass. I then began banging in and out as she moaned and groaned under me.
Yes I am a whore, your whore. I am fucking you one day before my marriage so that my little brother can learn how to fuck. Yes Bhaiya, call me a whore, a bitch that I really am yes I love you, love your cock! Take my cock sister! Pooja fucking here! Here, bitch! Like it? oohhhh!
My sister wailed, trying to push against my cock even harder, faster inside her. I’d never known such pure ecstasy before. Every cell in my body seemed to burst with warmth. Fuck me just like that! God, don’t stop brother!! Don’t ever stop! Fuck me!
My sister was hungry for my cock. It seemed every time I plow inside her she got hungrier and more passionate. I fucked furiously. I felt as if her orgasm was sweeping through her cunt. Fuck me hard, you little bastard! Fuck me brother. Put your seed in my womb
She screamed, fucking wildly under me, matching me stroke for stroke. I want your seed! Give me aieeee! Her entire body pulsated. Fuck! She shrieked. She grabbed me even tighter, pushing her hips upward, crushing the full length of my meat inside her oohhh
God! Fuck! Fuck! Screw me, you bastard! God fucking sister! I gasped. She was an animal! And her cunt was milking my cock! My cock was throbbing as if it were on fire. Oh fuck I’m so close, I sister, I am cuming should I pull out? Give it to me!” my sister yelled, biting her lips.
Give me cum, you bull! Fuck it all to me! She experienced pure ecstasy. Oh fuck take it, you cum-sucking bitch! I growled, my body flexing, painfully. I was fucking her brutally, like a sex starved animal. Then I started to spurt out jism into her cuming cunt. Our bodies were covered with sweat.
Oh Pooja, my darling! I said, falling over her body. Streams of jism were shooting from the length of my cock Manu, my darling brother! My sister gasped. Mmmmm, you don’t know how much your sister loved this. It was so good! God, I wish I was your wife. I’d fuck you morning, noon and night!
You mean you’re not my wife? I teased and I have fucked my darling sister like my wife and you will be my wife when we are alone. Wont you? Let me be your wife brother she said looking my eyes. You’re my husband, I promise! But you will have to let me fuck your ass.
Sister, I love your ass and without fucking my darling sister in the ass, how can I make her my wife? I said placing my hands under her rounded ass. Sure, brother Pooja said but right now we will have to go home. We are late. I think you don’t want Mom and Dad to suspect anything, would you? You will get my ass tomorrow on my wedding day, I promise Bhaiya!


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