My Sister's Innocent Friend And My Sister

Saturday, 11 May 2013

we are a small middle class family comprising of my dad, mom, me and my sister Lavanya. We used to stay in a 2 bed roomed house (from past 5 years) which is in the ground floor and our owners used to stay above us.
They are having a daughter Revathi aged 20 years, my sister’s classmate and are also very good friends. Myself being 2 years younger than her, I used to call her Akka. She used to spend most of the time in our house spending with my sister or mom (she used to learn cooking at my mom).
She was tall with 5’6 height and a slim figure, not very fair, but looks sexy with long hair and brown eyes. Her boobs are average sized, but very firm and round shaped. We are very friendly and used to talk about many things (decent only). She is childish and a bit of innocent also.
She wears chudidars, and since it is in the same compound and our families are much known to each other, she never covered with any chunnies on her top. Initially I never bothered all these things, but one day when she was cutting onions sitting on the ground I had a clear view of her boobs.
I am really so impressed with the seen and was unable to turn the other side. I stood very close to her and peeped inside. She was wearing a black bra inside and I can view almost 80% of her boobs from that angle.
But she is not bothered of my presence and I stayed there for a long time enjoying the scene and from that day, my view towards her has completely changed and whenever I get a chance I used to get a good glimpse of her body parts.
But she treated me very normal and never seen me in other angle. One day, there was nobody in her home, and I went to play some computer games in their home. This is very usual for me. She went for bathing and called me for giving the soap, which was on the wash basin outside the bathroom.
I went and gave but I could all see only her wet hand. Came back very disappointed and life was moving on like this. One more incidents I would like to share with you is, usually.
I would accompany my sister and Revathi to the nearby super market, vegetable shop etc but the best of all was the tailoring shop. Yes, every time I go with them gives me a good feel in my pants.
The tailor was an old man and also it was a very small shop in our area, there are no helpers for him. So he used to take the measurements. Since he was more than 60 years of age these girls never bothered.
But I used to watch the way he wraps his tape around the breast, hips, and shoulders. I used to imagine myself in his position at that time. Ok now, let me come to the actual story.
There was a cultural programme in my sister’s college. So these girls wanted to play some skit in which my sister plays a lady role and Revathi plays a role as her husband, who was an employee in foreign and marrying an Indian girl and cheating her.
This was the concept of the skit. Now the point of costumes came in to the picture. Since my sister is a traditional lady in the skit, she has taken a good saree of my mom, but for Revathi, they need a pair of male dress. So they came to me.
I immediately accepted and told to take any of my dress from the cupboard. They have selected one and left. At this point of time I doesn’t know that my dress changes my life making me to fuck two virgins (of course me too a virgin at that time).
It all happened on the next day. I received a sms from Revathi “come up imm”. I went to her home casually and found her alone (her both parents are working). She was trying to wear my dress, but it was not fitting her. She called me for help when I saw her
She was wearing blue coloured jeans with a shirt on top of it. The button of the jeans was very tight and need my help. I was sitting on the sofa and she came near me. Exactly my face was at her hip level.
I raised the shirt a bit and seen the jeans button. Also I have seen a small part of her stomach with little of hair on that. But she was not in that mood & in a hurry to go to the rehearsals.
I kept my two fingers inside the pant and pulled both the sides and buttoned. I asked her whether it is free for her or no. For that she has replied that it was tight and I suggested for another pant and she agreed.
Now it’s time to unbutton her and I did it, but after unbuttoning I just pulled the zip down casually and her white panty was visible. She simply said thanks and went inside to change.
Meanwhile I went down and brought another pant which is loose and gave it to her. She has tried and it found it good fitting and came to me and shown her dress.
I saw her completely and suggested her to wear a good t-shirt and jacket instead of a shirt as the role was a foreign guy. Hope my words impressed her and accepted immediately.
I also told her I have many jackets from which she can select. She told that she is having a t-shirt which she had purchased long back and taken out. This was a sleeveless one.
Good looking and she came out wearing that, but it looked too tight for her. The shape of her boobs were completely visible and even a small gap was there between the top and bottom.
She complained that it was too tight for her and then I asked her whether she is wearing anything inside. She was confused by my question and remained silently.
I repeated my question and this time she answered a bra and petticoat. Without any hesitation and I asked her why is she wearing these many things inside?
Silently she went inside and came back and said that she has removed the petticoat inside and asked me the fitting and the outlook of her in that dress. I saw her completely from top to bottom.
She was awesome in that dress, as it fits perfectly and even the shape of her nipples are visible from the t-shirt. She placed both of her hands on her hips and insisted me to give the feedback.
I told this looks good on her but and she asked what your doubt Promod is. I casually told her that since the t-shirt is sleeveless, the hair from her underarms is visible outside and looks awkward.
She immediately lowered her hands and felt shy before me. I thought she might have felt bad, and just to make the situation normal, I said “no problem akka and we shall remove them.She hesitantly accepted and asked how. I replied that it was very simple and we can do it by scissors and added that I have a good experience in that as I shave my beard regularly.
She looked a bit comfortable with my words and nodded her head in acceptance. I told her that I shall bring my shaving kit from bottom & ran immediately and brought it.By the time I reached she was watching herself in the mirror, by raising her both hands and touching the hair in her underarms when she saw me immediately lowered her hands and became stiff.
I thought now it’s time for me to take the lead or else I will miss this golden opportunity. I told her to come and sit in the chair and to raise her hands. She obeyed my words like a school kid.
Now for the first time I have touched her underarm. It was so smooth and the aroma was making me mad slowly I taken some in my hand and started cutting them with scissors.After 4-5 cuts, she told me to be careful so that the hair would not fall on the t-shirt, as she has to wear the same thing for the event. I was very happy by her words and started to act innocently.
Me: oh akka!! I forgot that you are wearing the same thing for event. It is better if you remove this.
She was confused by my words and was in dilemma then I told her it is better to shave than scissoring and also the look would be neat and without her permission lifted her t-shirt a bit up without any single word
She raised both her hands allowing me to remove freely. My goodness, now she was only in her bra and jeans, closing her eyes. I applied some cream and started to shave her underarm.
I was not missing even a single chance to touch her body. Since I was standing, I can have a better view from top. Her boobs are really good in colour.
It seems like a valley going down the hill. She had a flat tummy and her belly button was awesome. The smell of her aroma from her armpits is driving me crazy and I wanted to lick there, but was afraid how she would react very soon.
I finished the shave and moved on to the other pit. Meanwhile she became a bit comfortable and was relaxing to her back. Her boobs are projecting upwards in that posture and I have got a very high pressure in my dick.
Now its time to shave the other and I started the work. But this time I started to press her boobs as if it has happened without my knowledge. All this time she remained her eyes closed.But I could see a small grin on her face while I was touching her boobs. I completed the work but don’t want to leave this opportunity half way.I finished the task and asked her how my work was. She touched her armpits and told they were so smooth and she is feeling fresh in that area.
I opened after shave lotion and applied on the armpit. On the pretext of applying I rubbed her there for a long time and started to feel her breasts. She was just enjoying the whole thing by closing her eyes. I thought this was the correct time to proceed further and in the meantime,
She: Pramod, leave your shaving kit , I shall give it tomorrow.
Me: why Akka !! anywhere else to be shaved?
She: silence and I continued
Me: whenever I shave my armpits, I used to shave down too and if you need tell me now itself because later on u may have problem in handling the razor.
She: (in a low tone) there was a lot of hair down there and even I am thinking from many days to remove.
I was overjoyed by hearing her words but tried to act innocently.
She: I was feeling shy to show it to you.
Me: No problem akka, don’t worry I will do it carefully.
She accepted hesitantly but was still not moving from her place.
Then I started, ok let us do one thing you just close your eyes and I shall take care of the remaining things, if you’re shy. She gave a smile and accepted. I told her to lie on the sofa and to relax for which she obliged.
Now its my turn to utilize the chance. Her figure was awesome in that posture. Her waistline was so nice that I was unable to control and touched there. I moved to her jeans button and removed.
Slowly pulled the pant down, leaving her only in panty and bra. I could clearly trace the wet patch on her light coloured panty in that same excitement and I pulled her panty down exposing her thick bush.
The scene was extremely beautiful and I couldn’t believe what was going on. She was the first naked girl I have ever seen in my lifetime. She placed one of her leg on the other and was looking so sexy wearing only a bra on top and panty pulled up to knees.
I parted her legs and slowly placed my hand on her cunt and rubbed as if I am checking the hair on that. She was holding the sofa tightly and shivered a bit.
I completely parted her legs and adjusted myself in between them. Her cunt was so close to my face and it was becoming very difficult for me to control. Already my dick was in its full shape.
I separated the hair on her pussy, now her wet cunt was fully open before me. Her clitoris was protruding outside. I placed my finger on top of her cunt and slightly pressed for which she moaned loudly and gave a jerk. I inserted my index finger a bit inside.
Her juices started flowing. But she did not say a single word. This gave me better confidence and inserted fully. She was moaning loudly. By taking this as an advantage and I inserted my two fingers and started to finger fuck her.
She was unable to control and placed her hand on my head. Her fingers are into my hair and pulling like anything. She is trying to lift her hip up towards my fingers.
I hope this was first time for her too. I felt some pressure on my head, feeling that she was directing my head towards her pussy. Me too bent down a bit and placed my tongue tip on her pussy and started licking.
Oh the taste was too good and especially the smell of that pink coloured, soft and juicy cunt was mesmerising me. I pulled off her jeans and panty from her legs and thrown away.
Now I adjusted myself in between her thighs and placed my hands under her ass and squeezed it tightly. I started licking her juice and biting the pubic hair.
Now I moved up and inserted my tongue in her belly with this she was bouncing on the sofa with pleasure. I slowly moved up and placed my lips on her initially.
She was reluctant to open her mouth, but later on our tongues touched each other. Our mixed saliva is giving a different taste. My left hand moved towards her breasts and squeezed them from above the bra.
Now suddenly I removed her bra and she was fully nude in front of me. I touched her brown coloured nipples and pinched a bit. She was moaning and hugging me tightly.
I licked her ears and neck and made those areas completely wet with my saliva. She pulled me towards her frisking my body and biting my lips. I was surprised to see her that much aggressive on bed.
Now again I went down and licked her thighs and wanted to smell her ass. So I parted her legs a bit and smelled. Wow! Smelling good and wanted to lick. But she did not allow me to do that and pulled on top of her.
My dick also was in full rage and wanted to insert. I removed my dress and thrown. Since she was lying on sofa and I was standing next to her, my dick was exactly above her face, giving me an idea of cock sucking.
I removed my underwear and my fully erected dick sprung out on top of her face. I rubbed my dick on her face, neck and finally placed on top of her lips. She caught hold of my dick and pulled the foreskin back.
I asked her to take it in her mouth. Reluctantly, she opened her mouth and taken inside. Ooh! The warm feeling of her tongue on my dick was heavenly. She rolled her tongue on my dick head and bit slightly.
I started to pump in her mouth and my testicles are hitting her chin making some noise. I turned on the other side raised my leg on the sofa back rest and bent towards her cunt. Now we are in 69 position.
She adjusted herself to suit my posture and I licked her pussy. Already it was oozing out with pre-cum. I licked out there and the pungent smell coming from her ass was awesome.
Slightly I moved my tongue towards the area between her cunt and ass and then to her ass and inserted my finger in her asshole. It was so tight, I licked her completely.
By that time she was having her first orgasm and hugged me tightly. I smooch her and she told me in my ear “please push your thing inside mine. Me too was in the same condition and readily inserted my hot dick in to her pussy moving front and back.
She was moaning and scratching my back. It was so slippery that my tool slipped twice while pulling back. We both hugged tightly and she is raising her hips according to my pushes within no time I ejaculated my cum in to her and collapsed on her.
We both are breathing heavily and slept like that for more than 15 minutes. She smiled at me and told you have become big Promod” and I laughed at her. My cum is flowing out from her pussy.
We both got up and went to the washroom and cleaned ourselves. While cleaning she asked me is this called as shaving? I once again blushed and squeezed her tits and I hope you have enjoyed my experience and please give your feedback. Let’s meet again with my 2nd part


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