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Friday, 10 May 2013

Hello all my sex-e girls and fucker boys. I m vivaan from mumbai. I have been referring iss from long and decided to share my real life adventure over here. I am 22 years old living a luxurious life in mumbai. Getting sex has nw become a daily practice. Bt first experience is always the most memorable one. This is an incident that took place 3yrs ago. I was basically amongst gud luking and also had enough money to spend everyday. Mostly i would go to pub and enjoy drinks and ciggy etc.For me gals were an easy prey i would talk to them, flirt, dance at all beats with them bt never went beyond that.
Bt 1 fine day my life changed.  I and sidharth were two friends who would go together at pubs. 1 day he had sum family stuff he said he is nt coming. Bt i wantd to have drinks desperately. I took my car and landed in "myro" a nearby pub in at south mumbai.  There was usual pub ambience and all people were busy in their task .  There were couples dancing together . Also sum kissing as usual. Nthng new. I ordered drinks 4 myself  . Aftr 3 pegs i stopped. I saw at the corner of the table. There was a girl seated and wat to say . She was looking  a bustY sex bomb and as all were engaged in themselves no 1 bothered. i went near her and askd whether i can sit. She said yes. She had hazzle eyes.  I enquired later i came to knw her name was sheefa.
OH MY GOD she had so perfect assets .32 28 34. Her boobs were popping out like waiting to be pressd.She was very beautifull indeed. She had worn a red couloured deep cut top that revealed almost half her boobs. I felt like grabbing them and notching them . We talked generally and soon became friends. Bt my intensions were take her to bed.I askd her to dance with me. She readily agreed. While dancing i touchd her boobs and she dint mind .  During 1 step i was holding her from behind and my 7" rod was pressing into her ass .Her ass was so big and curvy that even my 7inch rod would luk small. Sheefa was enjoying. She said"plz isi tarah dance karke mujhe pakde raho. Bhot acha lag rha ha."maine apna lund uski gaand par rub karna shuru kiya.
Woh achanak se palat gayi aur usne jor se hug kiya. It was thrilling to feel her soft boobs against my chest. It was most amazing feel. Both were drunk and expressd basic instincts . I said lets take it to next step. Slowly went near her lips bt did nt kiss. Lekin woh apne lips meri taraf kar rahi thi and i got a green signal. I went and placed a light kiss. I said "shayad hame apne  aap k liye jagah dhundni chahiye."usne bola der kis baat ki hai. I grabbed her hand and took her to my car . As soon as we sat inside. Usne mere sir ko peeche se pakda . Aus ek hi zatke main mere lips ko chusne lagi. OH MY GOD . Kya feeling thi . Uske lips ko suck karna aasman main udne jaisa tha.Fir sheefa ne apni tongue mere muh main daal di aur maine suck karna shuru kar diya. Usne bola ki bhot dino se woh kisi k sath physical nhi hui thi.. Aaj use koi talented mil gaya hai use satisfy karne wala. Usne kaha chalo apna chupa hua talent bhi  Dikhao. To maine kaha ki chalo mere ghar chalte hai. Hum dono abi b drunk the.
Mere pas khud ka apartment b tha. Hum jaise hi pahunche maine sheefa ko jor se hug kiya use apne hotho k pass laya aur use kiss kiya . Fir woh responde karne laga. Uske har lip ko kisi bhuke prani ki tarah suck karne laga. Smooch karte karte hi maine door band kiya . 15 min tak hum smooch karte rahe. This was best feeling i ever had. Fir smooch karte waqt hi mera hath uske boobs par pada kya soft aur firm the woh. Perfect shape main.Top k upar se hi main use dabane laga. Sheefa ne eyes band rakhe the. Woh lightly moan kar rahi thi.  Maine kiss break kiya aur ek jhatke main hi us ki red top nikal di. Fir uske piche jakar uski bra ka hook nikalne ki koshish ki lekin nhi nikal rha tha. First time tha so..... Sheefa ne kaha. "vivaan kyu tadpa rahe ho ". Usne apna hath piche dal kar bra unhook kar diya. Fir jaise hi usne bra nikala main uske creamy back dekhkar dang.
My god mera toh uske back ko dekhkar hi mera temperature badh gaya tha.Maine bra ko fake diya . Aur ab main uske boobs ko piche se hi jor jor se press karne laga.Jannat ka asli matlab mujhe us din pata chala. Uske boobs ko dabate hue main uske neck ko b kiss karne laga. Woh moan karne lagi 'uuummmm hmmmm. Ahhhhh . Aur apne lower lip ko byte karne lagi . Uske milky fair body ko dekhna was like dream come true. Fir ek hi jhatke main maine uski panty aur jeans utar di. And WOW . She had a clean waxed pussy just like in porn.Her ass was adding cherry to the cake. Maine bina kuch soche uske pussy main apni middle finger daal. All this time she was moaning .Jaise hi finger nikalne laga.
I felt sumthng strange and suddenly she had cummed. She had an orgasm bfore sex. This was the best part to feel a womans orgasm before sex bina time waste kiye usne mera shirt utar feka aur woh mere nipple ko kiss karne lagi. Dhire dhire niche jakar usne mere 7inch rod ko hath main pakda aur  ek hi jhatke main andar le liya aur woh uske oesophagus k starting ko b touch kar rha tha .Very deep. She was expert....I decided and told her we ll not do fucking in bed. She said then where to do. I said i m going to fuck her in bathroom. She said "what, u must be kidding."without telling anything i put my finger in her pussy aur main use lift kar k usi position main lekar gaya .Bathroom main maine shower on kiya aur use kiss smooch karna chalu kar diya . Karte karte maine use lift kiya aur usne apne pair mere waist par lapet liye .Maine apna dick uske pussy par rub karke tease karne laga.
Woh boli plz andar daal do aur maine ek hi jhatke main apna dick enter kar diya. Woh bhot jor se chillayi lekin maine apna penis nhi nikala.Main use smooch karna shuru kar diya aur uski awaz shant hone lagi. Hamare muh se abi b sharab ki smell aa rhi thi.. Bt it was amazing main use upar niche thrust kar ne laga and she was bouncing like kangaroo. I kept pouncing on her boobs i had made them red actually. Main uske ass ko bhi press karta rha to enter deeper. Woh fir se jhad gayi and i too cummed inside her.Lekin abi bhi mera mann bhara nhi tha . Main use sofa par le gaya aur maine sofa par use apne lap par bithaya aur use face to face dekhte hue. Fuck karne laga. Woh bar mera nam lekar chillati. Vivaan jor se karo aur jor se.. Ahhhhh. Mmmmmm uhhhh.Maine use bhot time fuck kiya rat 2am tak. Fir agle din b hamare sesions hue mere khud k swim pool mai Jo main bataunga if i get good response


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