Banging My Elder Sister

Saturday, 11 May 2013

Most importantly, I have a cock 7”long and 3.5”thick which is capable of satisfying any woman’s need. I had a lust for my elder sister for past two years but finally my dream came true a month before when we two were alone in home.
My sister name is Priti name changed and she has a wonderful figure. She has a figure of 36-28-38. You can imagine what a wonderful assets she has. She is extremely fair and beautiful her eyes are big and black which contrasts her lips which are delicate, soft and pink. Her hairs are long and she generally keeps them tug.
She has long, smooth and fair legs and she always keep her legs and body free from hair so there is absolutely no hair anywhere on her body. Now coming to her assets, she has a perfect size boobs. I simply enjoy staring at her boobs and deep cleavage which enhances her beauty.
 Her tits are round, firm and perfect in shape. She has pink nipples along with light aroma around. She has flat tummy and a deep navel. Her back is smooth with no signs of hair or marks. Her pussy is pink and hairless. She keeps it clean and shaves it regularly as I see her shaving it from keyhole.
But her ass attracts me the most. She has a round and tight ass. I always dreamt of fucking her in her ass as my dick stands as soon as it sees her ass swaying as she walks. She always wear tight top and jeans when going outside and usually prefers top and skirt when at home and now coming back to the story.
You have known till now I wanted my Didi so badly but I didn’t get any chance to do so. Finally, I got a breakthrough and got a whole week to spend alone with Didi. Our parents were going to attend a marriage as I was having exams, I didn’t go and Didi too stayed to accompany me. Didi at that time was working in a private firm but she took leave from the office to take care of me.
Two days passed but nothing happened. I was really desperate to fuck her as this was the golden opportunity and I didn’t want to miss it. I was continuously looking for some chances but nothing happened till Friday when I went to my friend’s house to study as I was on my way.
I remembered that that I have left my notes in the home so I returned back when I came back I found that the front door was open and a bike was parked outside. I went inside and found that Didi was nowhere and neither there were any signs of the guest.
I went to my room but as I crossed the store room, I heard some moaning. I went near and found that Didi was standing with eyes closed and looking away from me and her boss was standing behind her holding her boobs and was pressing it.
Didi was in return moaning and crying as he increased the pressure. I was angry for a moment but later seeing this as a chance I took out my mobile phone and started recording after a full 20 minutes of recording, I had scenes of boobs pressing; cock sucking and fingering.
I took the notes and went to my friend’s place. In the evening when I returned Didi was alone at home watching TV. She was wearing top and jeans. Seeing this I asked if she went anywhere. She replied yes as she had some urgent work at the office.
I thought that her boss has taken her out for lunch after that wonderful session. I straight away moved to my room and after changing i came and started watching TV. Soon, we took dinner and Didi told me that she is asleep so she is going to sleep.
I told her that please waits for a minute as i have something important to tell her. I can’t wait any more to fuck her as already I have masturbated twice seeing that video. She came and sat beside me. I told her” Didi I know what you were doing this afternoon with your boss. Didi was shocked listening this and asked me what did I know?
I showed her the video and Didi was speechless after seeing that. She told me to delete that video and also not to tell anybody. I saw this as an opportunity and told her that I will not tell anybody if she cooperates with me. She asked me what do and I mean.
I said that I want to enjoy her body and show her how much I love her nd she was shocked listening to this and said have you gone crazy? How can you think like that? I am your sister and how can you do that, you should be shameful. I said what you did was good then?
Ok if you don’t agree I will show this video to everybody. I will give you 15 minutes to think saying this I went to my room. I knew that Didi has no other option other that let me fuck her so I was really happy seeing my dream come true after 20 minutes
I went downstairs and found Didi sitting at the sofa. I went to her and asked her what she has decided? She was crying but finally nodded ok you can enjoy but you will not enter inside me. I said ok as I knew Didi will not able to resist after seeing my cock so I agreed.
I asked her that you will do whatever i will ask you to do otherwise I will show this video to everybody. She agreed and told that she will obey my orders and asked me not too show that video to anybody. I moved close to her and drag her closed to me. She was already breathing heavily.
I kissed her on her forehead and asked her to come in my room. She followed me and I asked her to lay down on the bed and she did. I lied over her with my chest pressing against her boobs. I was feeling extremely great when her soft boobs were pressing against mine.
I raised her arms above her head and put my nose in her armpit. I was mesmerized by the sweet fragrance coming out from her armpit. I kept my nose there and chewed her armpit. Now I was unable to control myself so I removed her top to expose her pink lacy bra. Her boobs were struggling to come out of her bra.
I hold her boobs and smashed them hard with my slaps Didi was moaning and I was getting more and more excited. I put my hand beneath her and removed opened her bra. Her beautiful boobs came out and my eyes lit up. I quickly caught her both boobs and started squeezing them.
I was pressing her tits hard and due to it had turned red. Now I put her left boob in my mouth and started sucking it and with the other hand I was massaging her other boob. I alternately pressed and chewed her boobs till her boobs became red. I even took her nipples in my mouth and bit it.
It was a wonderful experience. Up to now Didi was only moaning but now excitement has reached her and she was enjoying every moment. She was moving her hand over my back and was pushing me towards her breast. She was living every moment and she was removed my t-shirt and was caressing my chest.
I asked her to stand up which she did and told Didi to undress me. She lowered my shorts and removed it to reveal my underwear showing my massive erect cock. I kept her hand over my cock and she holsd it. Now she removed my undy and started shaking my cock. I was in heaven when Priti didi started giving me hand job.
I was pressing her boobs when she was pressing my balls and was rubbing my dick. I was in heaven and couldn’t believe my luck that my sex-goddess was in front of me naked giving me hand-job. I holds Didi by her hair and forced her towards my lund.
Didi understood what I wanted so she took my cock in her mouth and started sucking it. She was fondling my balls and was cleaning my pre-cum with her tongue. She moved my skin up and down and tickled me with her tip of the tongue.
I was extremely hot and was shouting’ ahhhh come Didi fast come on suck it harder faster and Didi after listening this increased her pace and was giving me blowjob of my life time. I was hornier by this time and was ready to cum.
I caught Didi by her hair and forced her towards myself as she was trying to get away seeing I was on the verge of orgasm but I finally squirted in her mouth and she gladly drank all my cum and even cleaned my dick. Now it was my turn to give her the pleasure. I forced her on the bed and moved to her pussy.
I raised her hips to remove her jeans. Her pink panty was already wet with her juices and awesome smell was coming from it. I removed her panty to expose her hairless pink pussy wet with juices. I separated her legs and slid between them and started fingering her.
Firstly, I inserted a finger in her pussy but finally ended up inserting two more fingers. It was extremely smooth and hot inside it. My fingers were moving very easily and she was enjoying every moment. Now i removed my fingers and put my tongue to lick her love hole.
I started licking her juices and was rubbing her clitoris. She was becoming hornier. Her breathing has increased tremendously and she was pressing her boobs and was moaning to show how much she was enjoying. Finally, I removed my tongue and started rubbing my dick on her pussy as soon as
She realized what was going to happen, she screamed to stop. She said that she is still virgin and wanted to remain virgin till marriage but i was in no mood to let this chance go. So, i said” relax Didi you will enjoy this” and saying this i gave a thrust and with it my half cock inserted her pussy.
She screamed in pain and pleaded me stop and to remove that from her chut. But i pressed her boobs and promised her that it will be enjoyable. I started moving in and out and finally inserted my whole cock inside her. She was crying and tears were rolling down her cheeks.
 Her pussy was also bleeding as i have broken her hymen and turned her into women. I was pumping her boobs and was stroking my cock in a rhythm. Didi was moaning in pleasure but after finally she was enjoying. She was responding to my moves by moving her hips with my every movement.
Now i asked Didi to come on top of me. Didi came and sat on my lund so that it entered her chut and started jumping. I was holding her by her hips to maintain balance and was pressing her boobs to keep her going. Sometimes i stopped Didi to make the penetration deep and Didi liked it.
Finally, i reached the climax and wanted to cum inside didi so i went on top of didi in missionary position and started stroking. After jumping session, didi too reached climax and was shouting” come on sister-fucker fuck your sister, tear her pussy fast faster you little bastard ahahhh these were turning me on.
I started fucking her harder and was pinching her nipples to make her scream. Finally when i was cuming i caught Didi boobs and cummed inside her. I filled her pussy with my sperms. After this sex-session we both were exhausted whole bedsheet was covered with my sperms and juices along with blood oozing out from her pussy.
Her pussy has swollen due to fucking. I slept over Didi and was kissing her; fondling her boobs; rubbing her clitoris as i wanted to turn her on as I was yet not finished. Leaving her there i went to kitchen to bring some oil, when I came I saw Didi was dressing up. I went to her and caught her by her breast and started pressing it.
She was enjoying it but she moved away. She said to me now what do you want? You are finished na? I said how I can let you go my darling still plenty of fucking is left. Saying this and I lowered her pajama and started rubbing her chut. She was becoming hot and her voice was fading and finally it changed into moaning.
I asked to bent down and show her ass and she responded. She bent down holding the bed-post and exposing her round firm and tight butt towards me. I went behind her and pressed her ass-cheeks, they were extremely soft. I slapped them hard and started spanking her.
She understood what was going to happen to her and so she rose up and told me stop. But I caressed her boobs and told her bent down as i want to enter her every hole and she will enjoy this very much. She had no option so she again went down.
I was caressing her buttocks and was spanking her gand. Her gand turned red but ass cheeks didn’t loosened much so that i can enter. So, i asked her to go on all fours in doggy style and started massaging her ass with the oil. I took oil in my hand and rubbed all over her gand to make her feel comfortable.
I even poured some oil in her asshole and finally applied some oil in my fingers and put it in her hole. She screamed as soon as i put it inside but i was massaging her asshole and she liked it. Finally after massaging her gand I applied some oil on my dick and started rubbing on her asshole. She was much hornier by this time and wanted by dick.
She was breathing heavily and was squeezing her boobs and rubbing her pussy. But i wanted to do it slowly as i wanted to cherish this whole moment on fucking my darling’s ass. I asked her to kneel down by holding the bed-post and she was up in a flash. Oil was dripping from her ass which was making whole scene hornier.
Her whole ass was shining due to oil. I forced her to bent down so much that her ass was in air right under my dick. I was holding her ass to position myself and was rubbing it on it. Now it was the time when i started stroking my dick in and out of her gand. She was screaming like a hell in the start but when i finally entered her she relaxed and started enjoying.
She was screaming to increase the pace but i was fucking her in a rhythm. Firstly, with slow jerks then combination of both and when i was doing it too fast, i suddenly withdrew my dick from her hole and again entered with great pace. I was banging her ass like a hell.
After fucking her in this pose and I made her stand and asked her to sit on me while I sat on the sofa. She started jumping on me and was fucking herself while i was kissing her back and was playing with her boobs. After fucking her in my room I took her to kitchen with my lund still in her ass.
I told her to lie on the kitchen shelf and she did. I took some chocolate sauce and poured it on her boobs and started licking them. I sucked her nipples like i was drinking her milk and she enjoyed it as she was forcing me to do so. Now it was the time for the final banging.
I told her to get down in a doggy style. I went behind her and started fucking her badly. I was in no-mercy mood so I didn’t listen when she was crying and asking me to stop. She was screaming in pain and was shouting” stop it otherwise I am going to die but i was in no mood to stop.
Finally, after fucking her for 15 minutes, I reached climax and was on the verge of orgasm. So I hold her ass and was pushing further inside. She too was reaching her orgasm so she was also supporting me by moving her gand.
Finally, I cum inside her and succeeded in fucking all three holes of my sweet Didi. From then on we used to have sex daily and we both enjoy and discover each other. Please do give comments and wait for my next story how Didi helped me in fucking other whores in the family looking forward for your reply.


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