Making Sister Pregnant For Love

Monday, 18 November 2013

As I am doing my study in Bangalore and my
cousin Neeta who is 25, the most beautiful
girl I have seen.. pure white.. so much white
that if someone touch blood run out from her
body, small beautiful eyes with prominent
straight nose , red cheek with dimple and
small round boobs that can be easily fit
anyone mouth.. Her height is 5.5 and her leg
is so big that any want to fuck her in standing
position, her butt is also so sexy that
everyone want to see second time. She has
completed her degree in account and as there
is vacation in my college ,I informed her and I
also talk with teacher for job and she got that
As I was there, it was safe for her to stay but
we both stayed in college hostel. No one
knew about our relation and we had
promised to not tell any one about this. As I
knew later… everybody want to laid her on
bed and pump her and many tried a lot but
no ones attempt comes success as she stayed
in hostel. After 2 months of her job, college
provide her one apartment near by the
college and also a scooty and we both shifted
to that and used to come to college by that
scooty. There is one room, where she used to
sleep, a dining with bed, where I used to
sleep, a kitchen, a bathroom…
I was unable to know why she got that but it
was good for both of us…
While we used to come, friends used to see
us and they started thinking that I make that
miss mine and every body was jealous of me
and my friends used to tell me-“ u are the
lucky man, u got the hot beauty, have u
tested her also or only this much…touching
and smooching… whats her size.. how many
cock can she take.. give me one chance I will
pay…etc etc… I used to be so much angry on
them.. one day while my friend was telling
me that Neeta heard and call me in side and
tell me sorry and requested not to talk these
things and became sad… when she was sad I
first time touch her cheek and really it was so
much soft….i console her and went to class..
That day I realized how beauty she is?? Due
to relationship man inside me was slept but
today it wake up and I also start think how
can I lay her to my bed and quench my
From that day I also started to peep inside
bathroom through key hole and she her
naked. When she is naked she seems to be
too much tall, her while milky small boobs
looks awesome, her hip and the love hole is
the best to eat and drink.. I started planning
how to fuck her but also the fear inside me
stop me. So I only see her and masturbate
and touch her clothes and sometime when I
got chance I touch her body and enjoy….
Nearly after one month my friend showed me
picture where she was kissing a handsome,
young son of principal and in some pic he
was also kissing her. I become angry by
seeing that but I control and take that pic
from him and went home and while sleeping
we used to talk and that day I was a little
tensed and she inquired why I am tens.. I
say her to promise me this talk will be
between me and her and she should answer
truth to me. She promised and I asked her
do she have bf and do she love anyone? She
become confused and didn’t answer and then
I again touch her cheek and kissed her in
head and ask her I am your friend just say
me, I will help you, its my promise.
Then she replied yes, she love principal son
and I ask whether she have had sex then she
become sad and tell me no but he is forcing
her to have in his birthday night on 2nd
February. I got chance and start to think for
I : do you have bf in college life?
She : yes ,I had two but there is nothing
between us.
I : have you enjoyed …..
She : what???
I : spent night together
She : no, but some times kissing.
I : smooching?
She ; no (she was becoming relax)
I : have you seen man organ?
She : no but…..
I : what but?
She : nothing, I am going to sleep
I : hay what happen.. see this and I showed
her that pics…
She become nervous but I told her to be cool
and again kissed and ask her do u want to
marry him? She replied yes.
I: until u become pregnant he wont marry u.
She: what to do than?
I: I gained courage and say I can help you.
She: how?
I: sorry but as a friend I can make you
pregnant and u say him this is his and your
child and he have to marry you…
She become confused and also she don’t have
choice as I have her love making pic also. She
just hold me and told me she will think and
also told me she will give her virginity to his
bf.. when I hear the word virgin I was
shocked that she is virgin till now and I start
thinking anyhow I will take her virginity… and
know her thought that anyhow she is going to
give me her wealth…her wholeness and
herself. While talking that night, I was
magnetized by her physically maturity
glooming out of her red churidaar, her
magnetic eye, magical smile, her makeup and
costumes carved the novel picture of
Cinderella in my heart.
It all started from this point, in the night I
looked her whole figure and her womanhood
through her dress, she looked as if an angel is
sleeping near me and I am her master and
angel is hungry for her master cock and love
which I am planning to give her and I am
also planning to punish her for not telling me
true events and making so late to be fucked
and saying not giving me her virginity..
That night I was unable to sleep and I only
stared at her body and the next day she
woke up and went to college without telling
me anything and as I was sleeping she left
me and when I got up I saw 2000 rs beside
my side and a paper… it was written that
during his birthday she is going to loose her
virginity and after that day she will be mine
for one week as her period starts from two
day after her birthday. But her birthday was
on 30 th January and I decided to fuck on her
birthday as a birthday gift and as today is 27
th January ,I started to plan for that. I text
her to take leave for five days as there is lot
of work on home and to manage for her
birthday. She did the same and I went to
market and I buy 2 pack condoms ,I pill, and
2 vibrator along with Viagra to let her know
what is the first night and to punish her virgin
And also I plan to prepare her for the 1st
night from today only so that to make her too
excited to lose her womanhood. And also I
buy meat and came back home and cooked
very well and mix Viagra so that to make her
excited and torture her. When she return
home she got freshened and I gave her the
cloth that I have brought from market for
today. I forget to tell you I also buy 3 bras
and 3 panty with 1 bra and panty in
combined and hole near her pussy as it is the
dress of her during her birthday and for
today I gave her black colour bra and panty.
After bathing she came by wearing silky vest
over my dress and went to her room but
didn’t tied her hair and all that . she came
closing her hand and went to kitchen and told
me to wait in dinning and I just searched
what she is doing then I saw she was also
mixing some powder in the meat ant mix it
and came in the sexy way that I have never
seen before.
From this we can easily tell that girls have
also the same interest as the boy or even
more and also if she get safe and secret sex
they get much more excited as we can easily
know from this and say girl whats in your
thought????? Reply me……
After eating we both start discussing today
plan and I told nothing the plan but to
prepare something and she also told me the
same and I ask what to prepare she told for
her birthday and ask me what for u and I
replied you…
Till the time she was aroused and closing her
eyes and she told how and say see what I am
going to do and she was looking at me in the
sexy look and I was unable to get control.
And I went to fridge and bring water and
knowingly pour on her cute body and she got
wet and her black bra was easily visible and
she was looking in killing manner and told ok
what you want I knew and open her top and
revealed her black bra to me and told this is
the thing u want to see…. See this for you but
don’t touch it. My eyes are wide open and as
she also mixed Viagra in my meal I was also
getting out of control but also I try to
concentrate on her small, cute boobs and told
her kiddingly, its so small. Your boyfriend
don’t smooch it.
She told he is so simple and also she don’t
allow him to touch but after first sex I will let
him do anything. I told, you are giving
virginity to your boyfriend , can’t you give me
your boobs. I am thirsty of that and I want to
milk you. Saying that I started seeing in her
eyes. She was unable to speak but demon
inside her eye was sparkling and she was
smiling in shy manner. I got permission and
she was opening her bra but before that I get
up from the bed and tried to get out but she
caught my hand then I told I am coming…
I went out and I set the mobile in the hole
and start video mode and went to room with
elastic band and vibrator and put it aside
usko bed par leta dia aaur Pehle 10 min taak
uske hontho ko chusne laga, kya ras thi uski
hootomee yar…. Mai maar jaawa. Saali sirf
jaawaan he nahi raangeelae vet hi. Par usko
kya hoogaya tha pata nahi, saali wo to
cooperate hi nahi kar rahi thi par maine itna
jyada smooch and tongue kiss karnae laga ki
kya bataoo… saali ne mujhe daant vee
kaatlee paar mai choornae bala kaha tha mai
karta raha aaur wo ve jaawan thi aaur vigra
ka naasa uss par bhi tha aaur use vi emotion
aur chut ki bhook and pyash k mare coprate
karna pada. Mai kiss karte-karte uske boobs
daba raha tha joor joor se. Mai dhere se uske
bra ka hoonk khol dia aaur bra ko feek diya
side me. Usske bra ka hook kholte hi uske
kabootar aajad ho jaye aaur panchi ki taarah
udnae laaga, upar niche hoonae laaga… kya
mast lag raha tha yar . Aur mai un kabootaro
ki nipple khelane me laga hua tha .
Aur nipple ko jor jor se dabane laga, badae
maaja aa raha tha. Use dard ho raha tha par
mujhe to maja aa raha tha aur use saja ve
dena tha, mera to dono kaam hoo raha tha.
Aur emotion k mare wo kuch nahi kar pa rahi
thi, siwayae merae co-operation ki. Aab mai
uske boobs ko chusne laga. Bada maza aa
raha tha dosto. Wo dard k mare ro rahi thi
par emotion se use dudh pura tight hogaya
tha aur mammae ve pura tight tha aur wo
apne choot mere badan pe raagaar aaur
ghash rahi thi aud hath se mera kesh kheech
rahi thi aur mera muh ko apne dudh se dawa
rahi thi, kya baatau yaar paar mai to aaj sirf
taadpaanae ke mood me tha . Mujhe chodo
chodo keh kar chilla rahi thi Par mai kaha
sunne wala tha uski punishment to baki hi
the aaur mai uski eek nahi suni.
Mai boobs chush raha tha aur mera hath
uske panty ke ander daal ke uske chut ko
sehla raha tha, kya choot thi vai. Maan gayae
aapne cousin ko mai. Kuch der mai wo jor jor
se aahaaa uuhuuu…ummmm…. Aaaa…..
karnae lagi mai samaj gaya ab ese bahut
maza aa raha hai, aaur aapne control se
bahar hai tabhe mai aaur tadpane ko soch
liya aur Mai boobs ko chor kar uske navel par
kiss karnae laga aur wo to kaapnae lagai
emotion ki maarae.
Phir main eek jhatke se uska panty nikal diya
aaur feek diya. Kia mast chut tha uska wo
dono hato se chupane ki kosis kar raha tha
par maine uska hath hata dia, aaur deekhnae
Wo ek nayi dhulan ki tarah shrma rahi thi
maine bade payar se uke haath dur kar diye
the aur apna muh laga dia aaur khanae
laaga. Wo aaahh aaaaa please chhhhdooooo
naaaa please,fuck my virgin cunt plz. wo
anand me thi is samay muhhh se tarah tarah
ke taragee chor rahi thi jo mujhe aur jada
uteejit kar rahe the par mai to use aur
satane ka sooch raha tha.
Mai jor jor se uski neat and cleaned pussy ko
bade payar aur maje se chus chus kar lal kar
di thi ohhhh please choooddddoooro mujhe
ye sab sun kar maza aa raha tha. Kuch der
mai wo pani chor dia aur maine pura pi
liya,mast tha yaar. Ab mai uski pani pura
badan pe aapna tongue se lagane laga aaur
wo to kasak rahi thi fadwane k liyae par mai
to tapnae me dhyan diya tha… SABRA KA FAL
Aaur aab mai uski dono haath aaur leg
palang se baadh diya Vibrator uske choot me
rakh diya aur mai khana lane chala gaya…
wapas aate waqt mai nange hokar khana k
sath aapna sara rus v le kar aaya. Wo mujhe
ese dekh kar sharma gai aur aanke band kar
li. Par jaise aankh kholi mera land apne muh
ke paas paya. Wo boli mai khane se pahale
nahi lungi par mai jorjabarjasti muh mai daal
dia aur bola aaj tumhari khana yehi
rus me tum chicken dubol kar khaoge aur
mai tumhari baki rus aur jo rus aayagi uske
sath chicken khaunga. Wo khush ho gaya
aaur chatnae laga aur vibrator ko mai teej
kar diya so that wo to kud kud kar choos rahi
thi, bada maja aaraha tha mujhe par bhook v
bahut laga tha.
Kuch der bad maine muh se apna land nikala
aur uski chut ke pass le gaya uski chut ussske
pani aur meri thuk se pehase se geeli ho
chuki thi.
She was lying on her back, her legs spread
for me. She reached down and placed my
cock at her vaginal entrance, oh god. I
rubbed my cock-head on her fat and tight red
cunt and she moaned. Bhenchod (sister-
fucker), enter me put your cock in. Fuck your
sister. Fuck me Raja!
I pushed my ass forward, sliding my cock into
my sister’s virgin cunt. Cunt juice made it
easy for my cock to slide over the pussy
slowly. Par jab jab Maine apna lund uski chut
k andar dalna chaha tha wo nahi maan rahi
thi,mujhe sata rahi thi jab bhi ghusana
chahata to wo edar udar ho jati thi aur jaise
wo land dalne ke liye mana kar rahi thii. Par
mai success ho gaya 10 min badh.
Maine uske chutme land ghusa diya. Par Chut
tight tha phir mai sure ho gaya ki ye virgin nd
she had not lied to me. She was taking me to
heaven. My cock was throbbing within her
silky cunt aur uske choot se khoon v aane
laga.. Mai jordar shot lagaga aur aadha lund
uske chut mai daal dia. Wo chikne hi wali thi
maine use kiss karne laga. Uske aanokho se
aansu aane lage. Kuch der waise rehne ke
bad kuch jhatka marne laga aur sara lund
uske chut mai daal dia. Aur wahi position mai
raha. Phir jab wo thoda normal hui to mai
dhakka marne laga.
Maine dekha uske chut se bahut jyada khoon
nilkal kar mere bed par gir raha hai. Aur
emotion mai aagya mai aur mai bolnae laga
Pooja, my darling, I will fuck you good. I will
fuck you hard and deep. I promise you won’t
walk right for a week! I said to my sister as I
felt her cunt tighten round my dick mmmmm,
good my brother. Put your fat cock all the
way in my horny cunt!
Mainse use kuch nahi bola aur chodta raha.
Aur thori der me hi maine kaie shot lagata
gaya aur ussse dard v ho raha tha par ussse
maja bhi aa raha tha. Wo ab apni gaad upar
tak utha leti thi jab mai jatkaa marnae lagta
tab mai samaja gaya ki wo puri josh me aaa
gaie hai aur fir mai jor-jor se shot laga raha
She groaned, squeezing her fingers into my
back. I hammered my cock into neeta\’s cunt,
withdrew and slammed it back in. I was
fucking my sister like a slut. Take it, whore
and I said,, grabbing her ass,oh god. I then
began banging in and out as she moaned and
groaned under me.
Yes I am a whore, your whore. I am fucking
you today for my child so that I will be
married. Yes call me a whore, a bitch that I
really am yes I love you, love your cock! Take
my cock sister! Pooja fucking here! Here,
bitch! Like it? oohhhh!
My sister wailed, trying to push against my
cock even harder, faster inside her. I’d never
known such pure ecstasy before. Every cell in
my body seemed to burst with warmth. Fuck
me just like that! God, don’t stop brother!!
Don’t ever stop! Fuck me!
My sister was hungry for cock as she was
virgin. It seemed every time I plow inside her
she got hungrier and more passionate. I
fucked furiously. I felt as if her orgasm was
sweeping through her cunt. Fuck me hard,
you little bastard! Fuck me brother. Put your
seed in my womb.
She screamed, fucking wildly under me,
matching me stroke for stroke. I want your
seed! Give me your baby! Her entire body
pulsated. Fuck! She shrieked. She grabbed me
even tighter, pushing her hips upward,
crushing the full length of my meat inside her
God! Fuck! Fuck! Screw me, you bastard! God
fucking sister! I gasped. She was an wild
animal in human body! And her cunt was
milking my cock! My cock was throbbing as if
it were on fire. Oh fuck I’m so close, my
sister, I am cuming should I pull out?,I start
kidding her and as she had come just before.
She said Give it to me! biting her lips. But I
continued fucking…Give me cum, you bull!
Fuck it all to me! She experienced pure
ecstasy. Oh fuck take it, you cum-sucking
bitch! I growled, my body flexing, painfully. I
was fucking her brutally, like a sex starved
animal. Isbar mai sach me jharne wala tha
tab maine use kaha mera maal apne chut mai
legi ya muh mai, agar chut mai legi to
pregnant ho jayegi aur muh mai legi to tera
kuch nahi hoga. Wo kuch nahi boli, par dhere
se boli tum mujhe kyu chood rahe ho. Then I
started to spurt out my cummmm into her
cuming cunt. Our bodies were covered with
My sister gasped. Mmmmm, you don’t know
how much your sister loved this but was
unable to help herself although living in same
room with this much adult boy. It was so
good! God, I wish I was your wife. I’d fuck
you morning, noon and night!
You mean you’r not my wife? I teased and I
have fucked my darling sister like my wife
and you will be my wife when we are alone.
Wont you be?
Let me be your wife brother she said looking
my eyes. You’re my husband, I promise!
But you will have to let me fuck your ass
Sister, I love your ass and without fucking my
darling sister in the ass, how can I make her
my wife? I said placing my hands under her
rounded ass.
Sure, brother didi said but right now make
me pregnant , I am all yours till and after
marriage… u satisfy me in my first night. SO


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